Sunday, July 1, 2018

CLAY Meets Found Objects

Ever find a really cool stick when out for a walk; a stick that called
to you and demanded that you include it in the rest of your walk.
A stick that wanted to go home with you...

Here are some of those sticks immortalized in Clay-to-Wear
pieces. I have to admit that not all of them called to me; some
called to friends of mine who were kind enough to share them
with me...

This Evergreen branch looks totally different with the other side
of my pendant and yet it complements both!

The stick below came all the way from Martha's Vineyard,
stumpy and oh, so smoothed by the sea and the sand...

It seems to not only enjoy hanging with clay, it likes copper
and leather as well...

And beautifully tops off the reverse side of this Intaglio
impressed design!

This is another Martha's Vineyard find brought back to me
by Maxine Manges; it appears to be made for the
Intaglio design and coloration of this clay pendant...

And then, surprize!.. The other side is full of whimsy -
dots, lines, leaves in blues - all ready to carry essential
oils on it's open matte surface.

Here's a close-up...

CLAY...I LOVE where it takes me!

FELINE Fine Earrings & Necklaces

These tiny hand painted and glazed-one-side kitty cats 
which I made into 'Clay-to-Wear"
are the perfect way to support stray cats and dogs...

And you can do just that this Fall 
at the Tails of Hope Beach Bar-B-Q Blast

These are all reversible as well!
The other side is open to absorb your essence
or be used as aromatherapy oil carriers.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Terra Sigillata Pinch Pot

Carving through terra sigillata colors on a leatherhard red
earthenware pinch bowl can be such fun...

Of course, adding some terra sigillata dots is also playful
on both the inside and out and they make -

The Pinch Bowl Complete!

Scrappie Vase with Tassel

This is what happens when you use class scraps to form a vessel...
Two different clay bodies, one with some blue transfers,

Every scrap used then accented on the bisque with Mayco
Designer Liner leaf drawings. By the way, I started putting tassels
on my vases when my felines found what was in them a bit
too interesting; now they bang the tassel into the vase
and I know they are investigating where they shouldn't...

Dot Leaf Cup & Personal Pitcher

Hand Built from red earthenware clay, both of these complements
have been impressed with my Intaglio Dot Leaf design

Then glazed with Duncan TM Indigo and Courtyard
Rich Rust matte glazes.  The leaves on the cup bottom
were drawn with my favorite Mayco Designer Liner Blue.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Philly Earrings...

Philadelphia Pennsylvania has many identifying icons 
from the Liberty Bell to Rocky atop the steps of the Art Museum 
but the one image which always says Philly to me is 
a soft pretzel with mustard! 
Sure, plenty of cities tout soft pretzels 
but request some mustard for your pretzel purchase 
and the first thing you hear is, “You from Philly?” 

From one of those interactions, came the idea for 
“PHILLY EARRINGS Worn by Authentic Philadelphia Gals.” 

Individual soft pretzels were painstakingly hand shaped in ceramic clay 
and many were ‘salted’ with under glaze dots before being fired. 
Once out of the kiln, the tiny pretzels were paired with 
mustard color bead accents to form the beginnings of Philly Earrings. 

Each pair comes on it’s very own stand-up Philly Gal card 
allowing you to leave your pair proudly displayed on your dresser 
when they’re not being worn… 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mary Harding Hand Painted Beads...Yummmmm!

If you ever get the opportunity to purchase work by Mary Harding,
don't hesitate to do so. These Mary Harding hand-painted daggers
and diamonds in ceramic clay are conversation pieces on their own.

Put them in a pair of earrings with other hand-formed clay pieces,
Wasserglas tumbled chips and flower leaf crystals
and you have something to write home about...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bisque Pendants in the Works

I have been playing around with Georgie's Matte Glazes for stoneware
on some of my zoftig pendants in combination with, what else...

As always, I have pictured both front and back of each one and will
add pictures of the fired pendants once they happen!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Reversible Zoftig Pendants

This pendant comes from my DotLeaf INTAGLIO mat
with a complimentary hand drawing on the other...

This two-part pendant below is also from DotLeaf

Aa well as the cutout leaf pendant below

The Banana Leaf Bamboo Pendant Necklace...

Thursday, February 8, 2018

South West Patchwork Tray

710 Chocolate Stoneware Tray simply glazed with
Bobbi's White.

I was asked to make another one of these for a
Wedding gift; the first one was for a fundraiser auction.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ceramic Pierced Leaf Plaquette Jewelry Pendant

A framed ceramic plaquette is accented with a found wood stick.
Initially, I used a copper chain and some wired beads as the support 
but after wearing it, found it not to be the right thing...

So now the Plaquette has a totally beaded necklace showing it off;
hand formed clay blob beads, African Trades and these great little beads
discovered and sent to me by Emily Cohen.