Sunday, July 1, 2018

CLAY Meets Found Objects

Ever find a really cool stick when out for a walk; a stick that called
to you and demanded that you include it in the rest of your walk.
A stick that wanted to go home with you...

Here are some of those sticks immortalized in Clay-to-Wear
pieces. I have to admit that not all of them called to me; some
called to friends of mine who were kind enough to share them
with me...

This Evergreen branch looks totally different with the other side
of my pendant and yet it complements both!

The stick below came all the way from Martha's Vineyard,
stumpy and oh, so smoothed by the sea and the sand...

It seems to not only enjoy hanging with clay, it likes copper
and leather as well...

And beautifully tops off the reverse side of this Intaglio
impressed design!

This is another Martha's Vineyard find brought back to me
by Maxine Manges; it appears to be made for the
Intaglio design and coloration of this clay pendant...

And then, surprize!.. The other side is full of whimsy -
dots, lines, leaves in blues - all ready to carry essential
oils on it's open matte surface.

Here's a close-up...

CLAY...I LOVE where it takes me!

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